With the feedback app IdeaXchange you create a platform for interaction among the participants.

As an organizer, how do I secure the attention of my participants or employees? Best with the mobile feedback app IdeaXchange from G+B Interactive®. As the feedback tool of the event app, IdeaXchange replaces boring frontal presentations by actively involving the audience in panel discussions, Q&As or other presentations at any time.

How does the activation of your employees and event participants via the feedback app work? Give them the opportunity to create questions or participate in surveys during the presentation. So your participants don’t have to wait until the round of questions at the end of the presentation or until you ask for an opinion about a questionnaire. With the feedback app IdeaXchange your guests can comment at any time during the presentation. And what do you as an organizer or your speakers get out of it? Quite simple: honest and direct feedback.

The mobile feedback app is also ideal for internal events due to its uncomplicated handling and effective use. Encourage your employees to engage in an open exchange of opinions. Show that the feedback of your employees is important to you and involve them in decisions and discussions about the company with the help of the mobile feedback app. Create a questionnaire or survey on a specific topic in advance. Alternatively, you can simply let your employees start typing.


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The three most important added values of our feedback app IdeaXchange

Open exchange via our mobile feedback app

IdeaXchange makes interacting with the audience a breeze. Your event participants can of course open the mobile feedback app on their smartphone or tablet free of charge, create queries and send them off – at any time parallel to the stage program. By being able to respond to the opinions of others, the Feedback App stimulates communication among viewers – hence the name IdeaXchange

Participation via our mobile Feedback App

The spectators also have the possibility to rank all contributions via approval. In this way, you receive a digital ranking list for your Q&A session in real time. So leave it up to your participants to decide which contents of the questionnaire or survey are really important. For internal corporate events such as company meetings or kick-off events, the Feedback App is also a benefit with this feature.

Guaranteed attention through our mobile feedback app

By allowing your guests or employees to actively participate in the program, you are giving them respect and recognition. This appreciation increases interest and willingness to participate in surveys.  Inhibitions are removed by making it possible to talk about sensitive topics through anonymity. You can also create a bond to your company by implementing your logo and corporate design content in the feedback app.

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