With the Media Wall you enable your event participants to exchange digital information and participate in the events.

Communication describes the exchange of information through signs and speech and in different ways and channels. Communication has changed significantly in recent years due to the development of technology. Digitalisation and social media have significantly changed the way society communicates. In addition to personal conversation and the written transmission of information, there is also the exchange through video, images, hashtags and emojis via social media.

There is also a need to be able to communicate and present oneself at any time of the day. People want to show what they experience, say what they think and are heard or seen. Communication no longer takes place in a small circle, but is made visible and celebrated in public.

G+B Interactive® has recognized the change in communication and developed products for this problem. The Media Wall is a software tool that can be operated by retrieving an event URL or scanning a QR code on any smart device. Your event participants can use the Media Wall via their own smartphone.

If required, we can also provide you with iPods or iPads from our rental park or expand the visibility of the Media Wall by installing several displays throughout the entire event. Your guests can see the Media Wall even more clearly and can view the content everywhere. Participants who have not registered for the Media Wall will be motivated to participate in the event.


Additional Event App Features


Increase the interest of your participants by interacting with the audience



Manage the simultaneous playout of multiple lectures


The three added values of our Media Wall:

Building Interaction with our Media Wall

With the Media Wall you stimulate your event participants to more interaction. Whether with picture or text – your event participants can exchange themselves on a certain topic among like-minded people. You benefit from more interaction at the event and a relaxed atmosphere. At the same time, you can see whether your event content and formats can score points with visitors. Because only what attracts attention is discussed or shown – whether negative, positive, entertaining, creative or novel.

Gain reach with our Media Wall

With the Media Wall you increase your reach. Through the communication of the event participants, individual local events and program items are spread over the entire event. This enables your visitors to follow what is happening in other event rooms, exhibition halls or event areas. Trade fair stands can communicate your advertising message to all visitors via the Social Wall and thus increase the attention for your trade fair stand.

With our Media Wall, you can offer the following entertainment factor

Via the G+B Interactive® Media Wall, your event participants can make statements, stimulate discussions or simply share their experiences with other visitors in the form of photos and texts. Offer your guests a digital platform to exchange information and satisfy their need to communicate. You can also benefit from a relaxed network atmosphere, because creating and posting pictures is fun and brings people together.

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